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Player's Handbook

Game: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Go to the game's description Prod. Line: -
Edition: 2nd Edition Genre: Fantasy
Language: English Release: ?? / 1989

Freeware: No In Print: No
Electronic: No Printing: -
Format: Book - Hardcover    
Type: Basic Rules
No. of Pages: 256 Orig. Price: 20 USD (US Dollar)
ISBN: 0880387165 Prod. Code: 2101

Author(s): -
Publisher(s): TSR

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This book contains all the rules needed for character creation, combat and magic. To play AD&D a group must also have the Dungeon Master's Guide.

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Cover ArtistJeff Easley
DesignerDavid 'Zeb' Cook
DesignerJon Pickens
DesignerSteve Winter
EditorMike Breault
IllustratorJeffrey Butler
IllustratorDouglas Chaffee
IllustratorJeff Easley
IllustratorLarry Elmore
IllustratorCraig Farley
IllustratorJohn Lakey
IllustratorLaura Lakey
IllustratorJean Elizabeth Martin
IllustratorEric Olson
IllustratorJack Pennington
IllustratorDavid C. Sutherland III
LayouterLinda Bakk
PlaytesterJon Pickens
TypesetterLinda Bakk
TypesetterBetty Elmore
TypesetterKim N. Janke
TypesetterAngelika Lokotz