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RPG Databases

Guide du Roliste Galactique A wonderful French RPG database. They allowed us to use their images of French RPGs. Thanks folks!
RPG.net This is a huge database of reviews and gaming articles.
RPG United A great resource for D&D, AD&D and other major games. Many reviews.
Encyclopedia of Roleplaying Games Maintained by John H. Kim, this website is another valuable resource for roleplayers.
RPG Resource This is Megan Robertson's RPG website, who supports us with links and reviews. So visit the RPG Resource and tell Megan that I sent you.
DRoSI The oldest and most complete German RPG database.
Krakow RPGs "The Lost & Found of Role Playing Games"

RPG News

GamingReport.com News and Reviews
Pen & Paper Another news site with an art gallery and a RPG database.
RPGNews.com Yet another RPG news site.
EN World d20 News and Reviews

RPG Portals

RPG Newbies Directory The RPG Newbies Directory is meant to provide game players the ability to find information pertaining to new games, information, tools, and other unique things to make the game a bit more enjoyable. Most of all, it's done for the new and old players with the concept, we are all Newbies.
Flames Rising A site dedicated to horror gaming, featuring reviews, interviews and articles.
RPG-Welten A German site for indie RPGs